How safe will the roads be this summer?

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For over a year, many people took steps to stay home due to the pandemic. With the loosening restrictions here in Texas and across the country, the summer travel season is looking to grow significantly. More travelers mean much riskier roads because of…

Increased congestion

The first hazard any driver will see this summer is heavier traffic on the roads. Heavier, busier traffic means that highway travel at peak times will be more dangerous. In a high traffic area, at high speeds, any lapse in judgment or mistake can turn into a dangerous collision in the blink of an eye.

Unskilled drivers

This year, like every year, will have thousands of new, unskilled drivers on Texas’s highways. Perhaps, they just got a license this year; maybe they got a license two years ago and didn’t have anywhere to go. Perhaps they got a license ten years ago, and the last year at home has made them rusty. People tend to overestimate their skill and ability severely, and that includes drivers.

Distracted drivers

On top of drivers who aren’t ready to drive, you have drivers distracted by many factors. The top distraction is, of course, smartphone usage. But there are normal human distractions such as:

  • Eating while driving
  • Arguing while driving
  • Children demanding attention
  • Lack of sleep

These are distractions that you can’t simply quantify, and they can cause a driver to lose attention at a critical moment.

Poorly maintained roads

Few people talk about how road conditions can contribute to car accidents. We often talk about the other drivers and the controllable personal behaviors, but if the road is in bad condition, accidents can be unavoidable.

Staying safe requires vigilance

The most effective stance you can take is to watch other drivers and watch where you’re driving. Even with all precautions, you may still find yourself with injuries after an accident. If you do have an injury that wasn’t your fault, you deserve representation who will aggressively pursue compensation on your behalf.