Has Your Insurance Provider Acted In Bad Faith?

Insurance companies don’t make money by freely paying the full value of claims. These companies have strong incentives to decline or minimize payouts to their customers, regardless of the legitimacy of the claim. When they unfairly deny benefits to their policyholders, it is a case of insurance bad faith.

At Christoffel Law Group PLLC, we help individuals and businesses secure fair payouts for claims involving car accidents, property damage, life insurance and more.

With law offices in Friendswood, Texas, we handle bad faith insurance claims for clients in Texas, Oklahoma and Arizona.

Your Ally In The Legal System

Our clients come from all walks of life. They share a common hardship: They have been unfairly treated by an insurance company and need a strong legal ally in their corner. We are that ally. Our attorneys have significant experience handling bad faith insurance claims and standing up for the rights of consumers in Texas, Oklahoma and Arizona.

Our clients are not insurance law experts. They are engaged in other professions and are naturally at a disadvantage when trying to negotiate with seasoned insurance professionals. This is where we come in.

We even the playing field. Our attorneys have devoted their careers to the study and practice of insurance law. We can carefully analyze your situation to determine the insurance company’s obligations under existing policies. When appropriate, we employ aggressive legal strategies to compel insurance companies to act reasonably. We know how to negotiate from a position of strength and are always prepared for courtroom litigation when necessary.

Discuss Your Legal Needs With An Experienced Lawyer

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